Chloe, London

Chloe is a personal trainer, woman’s fitness advocate, entrepreneur and founder of Fitness Fondue.

What makes you happy?
So many things! Training. Seeing results after a long old schlog. My boyfriend. Good food. Good wine. Seeing my girlfriends. Pizza. Chocolate. Cake. Anything and everything Disney! 

Is there something that you spent a long time believing you couldn’t do…. only to try it and realise that you can actually could do it? What made you try it?
Running a business. I was so terrified when I started, I ended up hiring people that I eventually had to let go, because their goal was to make as much money as possible, and my goal was to make enough money to continue running a health and fitness business that would help women, and encourage my own passion for it. I realised quickly that a successful business does NOT depend on your money making skills, but on your passion for your chosen subject. People see through what your goal is, and if your goal is to help them, they are happy to help you in return.

If you were taking yourself on a date, what would you arrange for yourself?
Pizza and wine!

What’s one thing you do regularly in order to look after yourself?
Sleep. It’s pivotal to both my physical and mental health and happiness.

Share one thing that used to make you really anxious, that you no longer worry about. 
The press!

Time is precious. What do you dedicate yours to?
My boyfriend and travel.

Give your 18 year old self a piece of advice.
One day you will find what you want to do with your life, and although the hate won’t stop, you GENUINELY won’t care anymore, you will be happy, and that is far far better.

Will you grow old gracefully or disgracefully? 
Disgracefully. I will probably take up drugs and alcohol when I know I only have a few years left in me!

What do you hope people say about you when you eventually leave this mortal coil?
She was a cool chick…

How did answering these questions make you feel?

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