Cabrice, London

Cabrice is an social enterprise entrepreneur in-the-making.

What makes you happy?
The freedom to be uniquely me. Infusing love and creativity into the world around me. Taking risks and self-discovery. Helping others to reach their full potential.

Is there something that you spent a long time believing you couldn’t do…. only to try it and realise that you can actually could do it? What made you try it?
This is an extremely hard question for me, because I wouldn’t know where to start. My life seems to be a series of cycles where I have had to face huge fears. I was forced to shave off all my hair a few years ago and it was the most heart wrenching experience. At the time, a small area of my hair simply wasn’t growing and I was advised to shave my hair and start all over again. I feared not looking feminine enough and spent days in my bed, and didn’t want anyone to see me. I had to learn to accept the beauty of my face and my spirit! After several failed attempts to find a remedy for the bald patch, my hair finally grew back and longer than when I had cut it the first time.

If you were taking yourself on a date, what would you arrange for yourself?
A day trip to somewhere in Europe. I love grand gestures!

What’s one thing you do regularly in order to look after yourself?
I spend £100 on my hair every month. My hair is extremely high maintenance and it’s the one thing that I have always splashed on. Whether I’m rich or broke, my hair will always be done! Perhaps my experience with having to shave my hair off has made me super sensitive to looking after it now.

Share one thing that used to make you really anxious, that you no longer worry about.
I used to put so much pressure on myself to please other people to the point where I lost touch with my own identity. I made a conscious decision one day to face my fear of saying no to people and standing my ground with my personal beliefs. At first it was incredibly hard because I felt like I was letting people down, but the more I practiced this, the more respect I earned from others for being secure in who I was and what I believed.

Time is precious. What do you dedicate yours to?
Time is one of my most valued assets! I spend a lot of time planning how to spend my time! I need to do this because I often switch from introversion to extraversion and need to have down time to live in my head, thinking, planning, reading and analysing. I have allocated time to then become the extreme opposite and let out my wild side with spontaneous and extravagant activities, which in turn drain my energy, pushing me back into refuelling mode. The life of an ambivert!

Give your 18 year old self a piece of advice.
You talk too much, keep more to yourself.

Will you grow old gracefully or disgracefully?
My biggest fear is that my life will spiral out of control and I will grow disgracefully because of my untamed mind. But I think I’ll be ok…

What do you hope people say about you when you leave this mortal coil?
Cabrice was relentless, determined and believed that anything was possible. Cabrice was a strong woman who had a huge heart for people.

How did answering these questions make you feel?
I think I’ve realised how much I have grown as a person over the years and how experiences have shaped me and become the driving force of my current passions and purpose.

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