Elle, London

Elle is a Personal Trainer, health and fitness blogger, and entrepreneur.

What makes you happy?
Laughing. Sweating. Cooking. Creating. Music. Crushing goals. Planning. Travelling. Learning. Sleeping. Hot showers. Fresh bed linen. 

Is there something that you spent a long time believing you couldn’t do…. only to try it and realise that you can actually could do it? What made you try it?

I think we all suffer from self limiting beliefs at one point or another! We grow up in a world where we are conditioned to think we have to do certain things and we can’t or shouldn’t do many others. 

I left my “career path” back in 2013 and decided I’d try to work less, which at some points has meant earning less, yet potentially to increase my happiness. So far I’ve survived and am about to embark on my next step on this journey by launching my own business, going 100% self employed and start my post graduate studies! 

There are still moments when I wonder “is this a good idea?!” Or “will I be able to make this work?” But I figure that there is only one way to find out! 

I made the decision after toying with the idea in my head for a long while. Then I read an article called “The crossroads of should and must” which vocalised all my thoughts and feelings. I knew what I had to do…

If you were taking yourself on a date, what would you arrange for yourself? 

I would take myself out for a nice dinner (probably something swanky) with a few drinks. Then maybe for an evening walk along a river bank (london would always be a beautiful choice) followed by an evening getting comfy watching a good film under a blanket. 

What’s one thing you do regularly in order to look after yourself?

Sleep is a priority for me; I always try to ensure I get 8 hours a night! That helps me to wake up feeling fresh, revitalised and ready to take on my day! 

I’m also working on establishing a good morning routine just one thing at a time; my starting point has been drinking a cup of water before anything else upon waking. 

Share one thing that used to make you really anxious, that you no longer worry about.

What other people think. As I’ve gotten older, and especially since I’ve passed the 30 mark I’ve realised more and more how little someone else’s opinion can matter yet how powerful they are in affecting us. I firmly believe everyone is entitled to an opinion I just don’t think they should apply them to others. 

Time is precious. What do you dedicate yours to?

I dedicate mine first and foremost to myself. This probably sounds selfish but my belief is that if I am happy, that’s the vibe I will attract. I try to balance my time between work, social life and family. 

I’m adamant that time is valuable and should be respected so I apply that to my own time through prioritisation and organisation as well as applying to others through being in integrity with time. 

Give your 18 year old self a piece of advice.
Just think, in a year from now, will this matter?! I remember being 18 and at the time everything you do feels so major. For example, my exams at that time were the be all and end all yet after university no one has ever asked about them or to see certificates. Passing exams are important but don’t lose focus on enjoying life at the same time. Lucky for me though I think I kinda did follow this advice!

Will you grow old gracefully or disgracefully?

Haha! Ideally a mix of both! …and whichever one happens, at whatever time, I just hope I enjoy it and have great memories and stories to share with those I meet! 

What do you hope people say about you when you leave this mortal coil?

That I was authentic, honest and fun to be around. I hope they say “you really had to get to know her” cos those will be the people closest to me who really invested a little energy in delving past the surface of my personality! 

How did answering these questions make you feel?

The questions were really thought provoking and actually quite difficult to answer!! These are the kind of questions we should all be asking ourselves regularly, a bit like a daily gratitude practice.