Body Confidence Workshop

This workshop aims to help you find your happy by helping you take the first steps towards feeling confident and content about your body image.  You can book in by clicking where you see an underlined link on this page.

You should book into our Body Confidence Workshop if:

  • You start a new diet every Monday
  • You don’t feel confident about your body
  • You hide your body from yourself or your partner
  • You hate exercise even though you know “it’s good for you”
  • You sometimes feel like you’re invisible
  • You’re reluctant to leave the house without make-up
  • You feel disappointed with yourself for “letting yourself go”
  • You have a gym membership that you never use, but that you’re too embarrassed to cancel!

Our Body Confidence Workshop will start by encouraging you to explore your attitude towards health and fitness, and your feelings about your body.

You’ll discover that dieting, jogging and spanx are not the key to body confidence. Instead, you’ll learn the importance of cultivating positive self-esteem, self-love and the right mindset to allow you to inhabit your body and your space more confidently and happily.

You’ll leave our Body Confidence Workshop viewing your body more positively, with a more of grounded synchronicity between your body and mind. Our aim is to make you feel unashamed and unapologetic about the space your gloriously imperfect human body inhabits on this planet!

We also teach Happiness and Career Happiness!

We can also help you to find your happy when it comes to overall happiness and your career, too!

Our Happiness Workshop will help you to gain acceptance and peace around what you can’t control in your life, and help you put your energy and focus into what you can. You’ll get more confidence in your own mind, healthier self-belief, and you’ll gain the tools and insights you need to become the master of your own, happier destiny.

Career Happiness is a specific goal-setting workshop, where we question what a career really means nowadays, help you work out what you want from a career, and give you the confidence and tools to start to navigate your way there.

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