Career Happiness Workshop

This workshop aims to help you find career happiness. Together we’ll facilitate your journey from unfulfilled to excited by your career prospects. We’ll guide you towards navigating your way along a career path that finally feels right for you.

You can CLICK HERE to see when our next Career Happiness Workshop’s happening. And you should attend if:

  • Dread creeps up on you on a Sunday night
  • It’s difficult to get motivated to get up on Monday morning
  • You feel like you never really chose your career
  • You think it’s too late to re-train
  • You feel a disconnect between what you do for work and who you are as a person
  • You often look around your place of work and wonder “is this it?”
  • You don’t know what you want, but you know it’s not what you’re doing right now
  • You know something about your career needs to change, but you’re procrastinating or you don’t know where to begin

First, we’ll explore the concept of work, how the idea of linear career progression is changing,Β  and how now is the time to charge of your future. We’ll look at you as a brand and not just a person with a job. We’ll get comfortable with the idea of pushing yourself towards continuous growth, and remaining curious.

Then, we’ll use our mapping tools to help you work out what you want from a career, what drives you, what skills you’ve got, and what excites you enough to spring out of bed on a Monday morning. Β Through this, you’ll understand more about yourself and, subsequently, the opportunities you want to pursue. Most importantly, you’ll believe you can achieve whatever you set your mind out to achieve.

Finally, you’ll make the first steps to get you towardsΒ where you want to be. We’ll work together on goal-setting, sketching out a path for you to navigate your way from unfulfilled and frustrated, towards truly content.

We also teach Happiness and Body Confidence!

We can also help you to find your happy when it comes to overall happiness and your body image, too!

Our Happiness Workshop will help you to gain acceptance and peace around what you can’t control in your life, and help you put your energy and focus into what you can. You’ll get more confidence in your own mind, healthier self-belief, and you’ll gain the tools and insights you need to become the master of your own, happier destiny.

Our Body confidence Workshop will help you to look at yourself with a new, more positive mindset, and to make that connection between who you feel like you are in your head and heart, and the body you see in the mirror.

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