Charities We Love

Here are charities we fully support and have donated to, or worked with, previously. They’re humanitatian charities, which we like, because their work aims to make the lives of humans everywhere, happier.

Free Wheelchair Mission turns plastic garden chairs into affordable, functioning wheelchairs for people living with disabilities in developing nations. They give dignity, mobility, hope and independence.

Young Roots works in London, and in partnership with community-based local organisations in Nepal and Lebanon, to provide support and activities for young refugees and asylum seekers. All young refugees and migrants have the opportunity to realise their rights and to fulfil their potential. Happy Human founder Carly volunteered for Young Roots from 2007-2008.

Five Talents enables those in developing nations to set up and grow sustainable small businesses. They provide innovative savings schemes, small loans and business training for the enterprising but cash-poor. It’s “microfinance for the marginalised”.