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Sharing our pick of good vibes we’ve seen on the internet, enjoy our regularly updated collection of happiness and positivity. We’ve picked interesting and thought-provoking talks, essays, articles and individuals to inspire you, and we’re constantly adding new stuff we’ve found and love online.

We also obviously suggest you google cat memes if you want to experience immediate internet-induced happiness.

Truly Happy People are Made Not Born (Anthony Seldon @ The Independent)
Anthony Seldon is author of Beyond Happiness and co-founder of Action for Happiness (also worth a delve into!) In this article, he discusses the science behind the concept of happiness, and how important it is to create happiness and cultivate appreciativeness in one’s daily life.

Harnessing the Power of Your Negative Thoughts (Anna Hart @ The Telegraph)
The human brain is pre-disposed to listen to negativity over positivity. Learn how to use this hard-wired human trait to your advantage.

Why Vulnerability is Critical For Success (Danielle Brooker @ Escape The City & The Daisy Patch)
Taking the steps to be successful requires you to face your fears and accept that you might fail on the way. Read about why getting comfortable and being authentically you will get you to where you want to be.

Careers in your 20s- Sprinter, Wanderer or Straggler (Jeffrey J. Selingo @ The New York Times)
Whether you just graduated, have been working for longer than you care to remember, or if you attended the University of Life, this is a must-read for everyone who has sat bemused in their Grown Up job and wondered how they got there, and if they made the right career choices. (clue – there is no right answer).

Balanced Commute (Balance Magazine)
A free magazine launched in April 2016 and currently handed out at tube stations around London. It’s first edition was called “The Happy Issue” and its tagline, “Live Well” made for a gloriously upbeat commute. Keep your eyes peeled for future copies, or check them out online!

The Happy Newspaper
A newspaper dedicated to celebrating happiness and positivity. No slander, gossip or circles of shame. Just pure, unadulterated goodness. Available to purchase online.

Escape The City
If you’re ready to chuck the career rule-book out the window and start thinking about what you want to do with your precious time on the planet, rather than what’s going to pay the rent and destroy your soul from the inside out, then this site needs visiting. Read it, and join their tribe. It will be your champion, your guide, and your inspiration.

We all know TED Talks: “influential videos from expert speakers on education, business, science, tech and creativity“. It’s a tough pick but here’s our list of TEDs that discuss living a happy, fulfilling and authentic life and the search for happiness.

Matthieu Ricard on The Habits of Happiness

Richard St.John on the 8 Secrets of Success
(Success isn’t all about fame and money)

Robert Waldinger on What Makes a Good Life?
(a look at the longest study of human happiness)

Steve Jobs on How to Live Before You Die
(Urging new Stanford graduates to use the tool of impending death to inspire them to live, and how not to live their life to someone else’s agenda)

The Happy Startup School
A “Happyfesto” for budding entrepreneurs, founders and movement makers who know there’s more to life (and business) than making money.

Rules For Living
Some advice and thought pieces on how to live, from Improvised Life…. because life is essentially just a human being improvising on a daily basis, right?

Top Five Regrets of the Dying
We’re all born with one certainty, and that’s that we’ll die one day. Instead of being a negative realisation, this makes me determined to live each second passionately and honestly. Here, Palliative Care nurse Bronnie Ware shares five regrets of those she cares for in their final days. And if you need any inspiration to get on and do somethign you’ve been putting off because you’re nervous about the outcome, then remember; regrets as a rule tend to be abotu things we didn’t do, rather than things we did.

10 Easier Steps to Happier Living (The Guardian, Mark Williamson & Vanessa King)
Action points and tips on how on how to make simple, immediate changes towards living a happier life.

Action for Happiness

Offering courses, articles, and a community for good, Action for Happiness says about itself: “Our members take action to increase wellbeing in their homes, workplaces, schools and local communities. Our vision is a happier world, with fewer people suffering with mental health problems and more people feeling good, functioning well and helping others”. Their patron is The Dalai Lama. Their book, 10 Keys to Happier Living is available to buy, too!