Happiness Workshop

This workshop aims to help you find your happy and take the first steps towards creating a more authentic, fulfilling life for yourself.

You can CLICK HERE to see when our next Happiness Workshop’s happening. And you should attend if:

  • You’re stuck in a rut
  • You’re feeling unfulfilled, restless, frustrated or bored
  • You feel like you’ve lost your sparkle
  • You feel like you’re not realising your potential
  • You know you’ve got more to give
  • You look at other people and wonder how they got so successful and lucky
  • You feel like you’re living a nice enough life but it’s playing out to someone else’s agenda
  • You know you want to start or change something, but you’re procratsinating or you don’t know where to begin
  • You’re wondering “is this really life?”

During the first part of the workshop, we’ll question what happiness actually means; more specifically, we’ll help you get a clearer picture of what happiness means to you. Here, we’ll share experiences, discuss pre-conceptions, and encourage open-mindedness.

Then, we’ll help you to develop your Happiness Tool-kit, a set of take-away tools we’ve designed so you can instantly work more happiness into your daily life.

Finally, we’ll move on to create your Happy Map – a unique way we’ve devised to help you feel in touch with your authentic self, and navigate your way towards the life you want to be leading.

By the end of the workshop, you’ll feel free and more importantly you’ll feel ready. You’ll accept that you’re the master of your own destiny, and you’ll understand how to create that for yourself.

We also teach Career Happiness and Body Confidence!

We can also help you to find your happy when it comes to your career and your body image, too!

Our Career Happiness Workshop is a specific goal-setting workshop, where we question what a career really means nowadays, help you work out what you want from a career, and give you the confidence and tools to start to navigate your way there.

Our Body Confidence Workshop will help you to look at yourself with a new, more positive mindset, and to make that connection between who you feel like you are in your head and heart, and the body you see in the mirror.

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