loveHAPPY will teach you how to date in a happy way. We do this by helping you establish a healthy, loving relationship with yourself. Often, when you’re working really hard at finding love, you forget to cultivate that same love and compassion for yourself. You neglect yourself. Without realising it, you start to approach dating in a negative way, and this can really damage your self-esteem, as well as impact on your chances of meeting someone special.

We designed loveHAPPY to teach you how to “date” and love yourself, because it’s essential to love who you are, before you grow the confidence to search for love in an open-hearted and positive way.

The unique thing about loveHAPPY compared to other dating workshops is that we don’t give you a ‘rulebook’ by which to date; instead, we bring a group of people facing similar challenges together, and offer a safe space to share our knowledge and experiences, in order to help everyone reach their own right path. We then work on some actionable strategies, that are right for you.

Our loveHAPPY workshop offers you the chance to spend a few hours thinking about why you’re dating and how you’re currently going about it. We taking you through some self-exploration and exercises to help you work out how you can date in a happier, healthier and more fulfilling way.

All of our workshops are split into three parts: discussion, self-awareness exercises, and then planning how you can introduce what you’ve learned, into your life.

During loveHAPPY, we’ll question what dating and love means to each of us, using a combination of group discussion and philosophical thinking. Then, we’ll guide you through some exercises to help you get comfortable with who you are, what you’re looking for in a relationship, and your approach to dating. Finally, we’ll build an action plan to help you learn how to date yourself, in order to date potential partners in a positive, happy way.

loveHAPPY is right for you if you’re feeling like any of the following:

Your profile is on a dating website, but you don’t really know why
You go on lots of dates but never meet anyone who seems like they could be “the one”
You’ve done so much online dating, that you feel transactional about the whole thing
Tinder feels like more of a game than a way of finding love
You will drop plans or friends at the last minute to go on a date in case they’re “the one”
You can’t work out why things never get past the first couple of dates
You feel pretty jaded about the whole dating thing

loveHAPPY isn’t scheduled to start until early 2017, but if you’d like to register your interest, then please fill in the below form. We might be able to put this on before then, if we get enough interest!

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