I’m Carly, happiness coach and founder of Happy Human Bean.

I’ve created Happy Human Bean to help people build up the confidence, self-esteem and courage it takes to live authentically, because I know this means people live more happy, fulfilling lives.

I’ve combine my three areas of expertise to do this:

  • My professional experience in leading Learning & Development initiatives in a corporate environment
  • My experience in hosting fitness and wellbeing events as an award-winner fitness blogger
  • My desire to share the lessons I’ve learned via my own journey from unhappy, anxious 20-something, to happy and confident woman who’s learned how to gently quieten her inner-critic.

So how did I get here?

Well, in 2013 I was just about to turn 30. I was angry and ashamed that I had failed to reach any of the goals I imagined for myself at that milestone age. Childless. Mortgageless. Husbandless. Sinking in debt. Two university degrees I wasn’t using.

It dawned on me during this period that I had a really quite warped idea of what “a happy life” looked like, and that by aimlessly lurching towards the socially accepted versions of happiness, I was left feeling perpetually disappointed with myself.

Time to dig down and address who I really was.

During these first few months as I assessed myself and my situation, I realised that I was guilty of waiting for others to make my life a happy one. I wasn’t willing to take control of the things I wanted to change. I was full of blame.

I’d ask questions like “Why won’t they give me a promotion?” and “why hasn’t he called me?” It’s clear to me now that I should have been asking what I could do to change my situation, instead of blaming others when they failed to save me.

I was being really irresponsible with my future. Ahead of me lay an amazing blank canvas of a life, and I had the ability to paint exactly as I imagined. With every day of anger and blame, I was wasting another opportunity and sleepwalking my way through life.

And so, understanding all of those foundations, my journey began.

I started to create that picture of happy, and engineered my path towards it. I’ve dedicated more time, energy and funds to people and things I care about. I’ve explored things I’m curious about, travelled to new places, asked more questions and found new hobbies. I’ve made a decision to respect my opinions as I would those of others. I’ve tried to do good to others and to see the best in situations.

This whole time I’d been learning about myself, I’d been lucky enough to work within an innovative Learning & Development department at a legal services firm, where I’d focused on running personal and professional development programmes. This was incredibly valuable in giving me experience in how to coach others to fulfil their potential.

I finally decided to take the plunge to leave my corporate role, and set up on my own in 2016.

A trip to Burma earlier that year had offered me the thinking space I needed, to realise that happiness coaching was a natural next step.

I knew it would allow me to teach the principles of happiness and authenticity that I’ve designed my life around. I also knew that, in teaching these principles, I’d gain further happiness by playing a positive role in the lives of individuals as they went through their own transformations.

I should probably point out one final thing… I’m pretty grounded. I teach with realism, honesty, enthusiasm and humour, and it’s all wrapped up in a practical framework.

I teach stuff you can use in real life, straight away. I definitely don’t do cuddle-parties or cosmic vibrations.

On that note, if you want, you can check out my other life as a cheeky, happy, fitness blogger here!

Anything else you want to know, you can contact me here.