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“How to be Happy” is our series of honest and practical guides for how to remain happy and positive when life throws you a curveball. We invite guests to share their experiences and advice for survival and happiness, when life’s challenges have happened around them.

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In our latest episode:

We discuss how to stay happy when your story goes viral. Listen to Kate, who took part in the first series of Married at First Sight, and Sophie, whose blog post ended up shared across the US, share their experiences and advice for the craziness that follows being thrust into the limelight.

In previous episodes:

Kafayat talks about the concept of friendships, sharing her experiences of times when they’ve challenged her, and offers her advice for what to do when friendships break down.

Eliza from Healthy Living London, talks openly about  having a parent with dementia. Hearing her honesty about facing the realisation and diagnosis of this illness, followed by how she coped and even managed to draw positivity, makes for essential listening.