Here’s some of the phenomenal feedback we’ve received from previous attendees to our workshops:

[The workshop has] given me the clarity I was after, it made me confront some barriers I’d been putting up.”

“[The workshop] made me realise that I should set myself some realistic deadlines for achieving some of my goals/dreams

“…letting go of guilt is key for me and I really think I now have the tools to do this going forward”

“…the things we talked about have really resonated with me this week and will continue to I’m sure”

“This workshop teaches you what happiness really means to you, when to take risks & follow your gut and when not to give a f*ck. I’d highly recommend the happiness workshop!”
“Carly’s fun, interactive and creative approach to help you find what happiness truly means is something anyone will enjoy. Through a series of activities and discussions you will learn to prioritise what’s important to you and come away feeling much more confident that living a happy fulfilling life is achievable.”
“a wonderful insight into what makes me happy and an understanding of what impedes and what facilitates my own happiness”
“I left [the workshop] totally inspired and ready to put in place some changes”
“The next few months are both scary and exciting in equal measures… big shout out to Happy Human Bean. If it wasn’t for one of their workshops, I’m not sure I’d have had the confidence [to apply for and get accepted onto a degree course]”